Snowy & Joy
Betta Splendens Gallery

Snowy Joy
Snowy Joy
My first fish was blue-coloured betta splendens, Fighti... bought from Waterpets
Aquarium, West Coast Dr market on 3 Nov 04.  Died 8 Jan 05 of a swim
bladder disorder (resting place - drain along Eng Neo Ave).

Snowy and Joy were bought from Qian Hu on 25 Jan 2005. Snowy died on 17 Feb 06,
probably the outcome of a recent water change :(, Joy died soon after,
on 28 Feb 06 - had swim bladder problem and was ill for some time.
My new fish from Qian Hu on 14 March 2008.
Died 3 August 2008 (skin-eating disease), buried in small flower pot.
Sister's Köffee