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OK Computer! (after Radiohead)
In the login prompt [user name]

18 Jul 2005 ~8.50 pm
[Name] is busy laying 'eggs' in the toilet. smelly poo! ew ew ew... must take so long to bath ah? ai yo! cannot lah! tak boleh! I am going to time him.. 1 sec,2 sc 3sec 4sec 5sec 66sec 100sec..............111secs 167secs 267secs 302secs........488secs,499secs.......677secs, 734secs,798secs, 812secs,879secs,890secs.............OUT!!!!!!!!!!

2 Jul 2005 ~8+ pm
[Mama's name] is a wife, mother, cousin, sister, step-sister, daughter, sister-in-law, step-sister, step-sister-in-law, grand-aunty, grand-mother, step-grand-aunty and step-grand-mother. But (in actual fact), she is my grand-mother. I am the naughty kid, her granddaughter. My father (as you see everyday in front of your face, Mister computer) is your owner and buyer. My mother is missy here, and my brother, the second master. As you know, I am your second missy, the worst of the respected people. Ermmmm... I am not cursing myself saying this. Oh, I almost forgot: I've yet to name this new Kaoru in the... let's say... 'it' tank. The guppies' brain cells are malfunctioning. They seem a little obsessed and obnoxious with the filter. Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon unit is late for work today. Julius Root, also known as 'Beetroot', is of course, flaming with some unknown fury. Our most respected centaur, Foaly is busy sending sarcastic remarks to both of them: "Julius, I might as well have this job". "It's rather annoying" says our 'quad-footed' friend. "One, don't call me Julius. Two, I don't quite agree with you. Three, remind me when I come back to lower your salary".

Jan 13, 2007 10:27 PM
from Tan-Chong TongPingWeiHsi
subject hello
My name is Tanchong. I am 3 years old. I dont like my name, I am sorry

9 Jun 2005 21:22:54 +0800
Subject: Re: Your Mid-Year Exams

Jan 01, 2003 9:28 PM
MR daddy,
Why is there no music, movement and cute things? I keep sending you nice things. And you? You send things that keep showing the same old thing!

                   (HAPPy    NEW    YEAR)

                                              You little mouse

               Bee Bee

                                    kitty cat


               sniff  sniff

Jan 01, 2003 9:03 PM
Dear daddy,
Do you know that our neopets is dying? I need to feed it. Mummy don't allow us to feed our neopets, (HELP MY NEOPETS).

Dec 24, 2002 10:33 PM
Dear daddy,
   Why do you need to write so many letters? I hate to receive 7 letters the first time I have to come in. Can't we talk about everything at home? Is it a secret or something?

Aug 04, 2002 7:28 PM
Dear Daddy,
Yahoo is a person I think. It kept talking about Yahoo. Then who wrote all this words as "Do you Yahoo"?
>> Do You Yahoo!?
>> Yahoo! Health - Feel better, live better
> Dear Yahoo,

MSU Rugby - one tough family (18 Mar 2014)

Thu 5 Feb 2015 audio (aac)

Fri 30 Jan 2015 - audio clips (m4a) 11.37am | 11.48am

Tue 27 Jan 2015 SGT
JW 0500
Violent storms in New York now
I think they are going to declare an emergency soon
Connecticut, NJ and NY have already declared states of emergency

JW 0734
New Yorkers are so spoilt. The snowstorm is nothing at all.
It happens so frequency in Minnesota. Just a bit more snow and they shut down New York City WH 0735
I know right. Only -3 with slushy snow and they all Q.Q

JW 0736
Tennesseans also. -5 and they close schools
They only close schools here if it is lower than -30!

WH 0738
Same with Pennsylvania. That time -10 and Natalie didn't need to go to school.
Same. School closed for 1 1/2 days during polar vortex cause >-30
Whoa if it's like that , then everyday is holiday. Lol. This morning was -14 and I went to Park's class...
We watched a movie, yay! I like war movies so it was fun :)

Fri 19 Dec 2014

Wed 11 Jun 2014

18 Mar 2014 8:47pm SGT
mummy's birthday gift

5 Jan 2014 6.41pm SGT
Lol? At the airport and there's this announcement on the moving walkway that went,"please look forward, hold the handrails and walk on your left. Only the enemies walk on the right"

Nov 2013

19 Sep 2013
Mummy: 9.48am> Behemoth mummy was in France they ove my Chinese name and often ask for its meaning... For your name it means to be steady & happy... And the second character has the grain character because your are born in the year if the chicken so that you can have food to eat!!! Haha!!
Daddy: 12.08pm> Either mummy needs a better spell check or she is a huge monster mummy :)
Me: 12.44pm> Mummy is a French monster

31 Aug 2012
Yes mum. Let's not look back ok? I need a little roughening up here in Malaysia. The only good thing is that I can't do anything except study and read books at my hostel. No wifi, no cable tv, no fast internet, unsafe roads, bad transport, limited phone usage.... I can say I have fewer distractions now and it's a good thing. It's better now I've been diligently studying my word book everyday(I bet I can finish it in a month), taking note of my expenses in my notebook, getting my own supplies every week etc. I do hope I can shine here. I'm a born champion right? Hahaha. Yours and daddy's genes right? Just that I've been hiding in a shell all the time…

13 Feb 2013 08:52:53
Daddy, you don't dream much because it says deep sleep decreases with age.

13 Feb 2013 08:30:07
I had 5 sleep cycles. And a very long deep sleep in cycle 3. Maybe it also explains why I remember one dream clearly? But I vaguely remember the rest

21 Aug 2012 10:16.38 am
Yeah at Tuas already. Cya. You can Skype/FaceTime back.

11 Jul 2012
Mummy> Your son appearing on tv at 8

1 Apr 2012 11:00 am
Hello Daddy. I just got my pay so I would like to treat all of you. Are you free for dinner?

7 Jun 2007 02:35.07 pm
Bye bye we are leaving Singapore.

16 May 2007 05:37.54 pm
Hello. This phone has some problems again. It happens that it has no sound (except for the keypad sound). I tired to switch it off then on it again. There is no starting tone, also maybe because the sound system is spoilt. It is becomnig crazy.

15 Jun 2006 15:32.59 pm
Bye bye daddy! Think we're leaving Singapore already!

30 May 2006 23:42.12 pm
Huh, Mummy, for the prefect's night, we have to dance. That means we have to dance with the opposite sex! So horrible!

11 May 2006 12:16:19 pm
Q&A! How does the book look like? And what is your shift time? Do you have a cubicle given to you there? Do you need to show a pass when you enter the l…? What other books did you borrow? Were you introduced to the people working there? You make any friends yet? Who is your boss anyway? What bus you need to get home? Are you familiar with how to get around the l…? Did you get any freebies on your first day of work? Do you like the l…?

19 Apr 2006 1:43:31 pm
I'm coming home on my own. Class ended. Hooray!

16 Oct 2005 6:53:43 pm
Bei bei, I'm very hungry already. Please come back soon. Buy me 'mee kia', little bit of chilli only. Where are you anyway? With your friend … Hurry come home! HUNGRY-HUNGRY! P.s. Slim down… Slim down… N.b. You must come back by 7 pm. R.S.V.P.

18 Jul 2005 ~8.50 pm
'some of them are bloody bastards. i'm taking the train. Will be very late' daddy sent this to me. Just to tell you how bad he is.

17 Jun 2005 02:25:05 pm
Tell heah2 I helped him clear his fish shit

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